Organization overview

There is quite a few repositories in this organisation. Here is a brief overview what all of them does.

Extractor Total Downloads

This package include extractors that look at your source code and extract translation keys from it. We support extractor from PHP files, Twig files and Blade template files. Read more about the extractor.

Common Total Downloads

Common interfaces and classes used by 2 or more packages. Read more about common.

Symfony Bundle Total Downloads

The Symfony bundle integrates all these fancy features with Symfony. We have support for automatic translation, web UI, third party services and more. Read more about the bundle.

Translator Total Downloads

The translator package includes third party translation clients. Use this package if you want to translate a string with Google Translate, Yandex Translate or Bing Translate. Read more about translators.

Storage adapters

This organisation has plenty of storage adapters to support storing your translations on different third party services. All storages implement Translation\Common\Storage. The Symfony bundle allows you to use multiple storages.

Symfony storage Total Downloads

The Symfony storage stores translations on the local file system using Symfony’s writers and loaders. This storage is required by the Symfony bundle and should be considered as a “local cache”.

The Symfony storage also has a XliffConverter that converts a Catalogue to the contents of a Xliff file. It also supports the reverse action.

Flysystem Total Downloads

Do you use a remote filesystem for your translations? The Flysystem adapter is the adapter for you. It is a storage based on the excellent Flysystem by Frank de Jonge.

Loco Total Downloads

Use the power of Loco to manage your translations and give your translators access to a custom user interface. Loco is created by Tim Withlock.

Transifex Total Downloads

An adapter for Transifex.

PhraseApp Total Downloads

An adapter for PhraseApp.