Command line interface

If you do not want to “pollute” your application with a lot of dependencies you may install our CLI tool. It is basically the Symfony Translation bundle packed down in a single PHAR.

The CLI support extracting, syncing and downloading translations. It does also run the WebUI so you can edit translations in a nice user interface.


chmod +x translation.phar


Every time you run the CLI it looks for a configuration file named “translation.yml” that should be located in the same directory that you execute the command. The configuration will be exact the same as for the TranslationBundle. Example:

# translation.yml
  locales: ["en", "sv"]
      dirs: ["%kernel.project_dir%/app/Resources/views", "%kernel.project_dir%/src"]
      output_dir: "%kernel.project_dir%/app/Resources/translations"
      excluded_names: ["*TestCase.php", "*Test.php"]
      excluded_dirs: [cache, data, logs]

Other translation bundles installed

The CLI tool does also have a few other translation bundles installed. They are installed by default to give you the possibility to configure different kind of remote storages.

  • Loco Adapter
  • Flysystem Adapter
  • Phraseapp Adapter