PHP Translation

How do you manage your multilanguage Symfony application?

This is something you know many companies do but nobody talks about how they do it. It might be because nobody is really proud of their solution. That is something we like to change. We want to share ideas, knowledge and tools with the PHP community.

This organization has some large building blocks that you should be aware of. First there is the Extractor that finds translation keys in any source file. Second we have the Symfony Bundle which is using the Extractor and puts a lot of great feature that will help your translation workflow. There are features like automatic translation, a Web UI, Edit-in-place that allows you to edit translations in the right context and there is also support for multiple local and remote storages.

Getting started

If you are using Symfony you should start by looking at the documentation for the Symfony bundle. If you are more hard core you may want to start by looking at the Organization overview.